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   00INDEX.TXT   >= 2009-09-07

 IMPORTANT NEWS                         Saturday 2007-06-23
 Last week, Demon migrated Homepages web sites such as this
 one to a new server.   Copious log files are now generated
 and counted within the storage quota.     Consequently, it
 has been necessary to remove, at least for a while, almost
 every file from this directory.    Individual files may be
 restored, temporarily, on request.

 To see which files are currently available, click the link
./ which starts this line.

 2007-07-03 : ZIP files restored.
 2007-07-18 : PAS SCR TXT and some others restored.

 Note that unrestored EXEs, etc., will be in the ZIP files.

   My programs listed are copyright, and so must not be
   republished.  Users are granted permission to modify
   them at need for their own use.

   They are for PCs, 16- or 32- bit.

   It's likely that Win64 will not support 16-bit code,
   and will therefore run my Delphi programs but not my
   Pascal programs.

   EXE files will usually have the source, usually with
   instructions in comment.  Source is intended for DOS
   CodePage 437, except where otherwise obvious; and is
   usually Turbo Pascal V 5.0 or Borland Pascal V 7.01.
   There may often be a line length limit of 255 chars.

   If there is no *.TXT with a *.EXE, seek instructions
   in comment in the *.PAS, *.DPR, etc.

   When fetching an "upgrade", be certain to retain any
   previous satisfactory version; it may be better.

   I don't test these with NT+, just WfWg3.11 or Win98.

   I am (1999-02-18ff) starting Delphi 3 on Windows 98.
   Some of these Pascal programs compile with D3, using
   "DCC32 -cc file"; all which were tested and compiled
   to an EXE file also ran correctly.  My EXEs here are
   mostly BP7, though.  Some of these need VERSION.PAS.
   I now have Turbo Delphi 2006 on XP.

   I began (2000-01-08ff) using TMT Pascal Demo.  Some,
   increasing with time, of these Pascal programs might
   work with TMT.  HUNT, LONGCALC, LEAPYEAR adapted and
   partly-tested.  My interest in TMT has now vanished.

   I do not have FPC Pascal; its effects are uncertain.

   I used Pascal on a slow PC, so those with "uses Crt"
   invoked may fail RTE-200 on fast machines >= 200MHz,
   if compiled with TP7 or BP7, unless / until patched.
   SHOWER requires both Crt and v7, other .EXEs do not.
   USESCHEK.PAS, JGB.PAS require both Crt and v7, + TV.
   I frequently used Andreas Bauer's TPPATCH on an EXE;
   but presently have Pedt Scragg's crt unit installed.
   I usually remember to apply TDSTRIP.

   It may be that, depending on our FTP settings, these
   *.PAS files may need their line endings reconverting
   to CRLF.  PFE does this nicely, or public UNIX2DOS.

   All with an EXE file should now have ZIPs, including
   all files with the same name.

   Files *.ZIP, *.EXE, and *.COM must be transferred as
   Image; this should be automatic with a good browser.

   None of these programs needs to be "installed"; just
   copy to a suitable directory and run them.  Likewise
   no uninstallation is needed; just delete.

   Where a Pascal program uses the 55ms clock, it *may*
   not work correctly over midnight.

   Some programs currently include the US DST rules for
   1987+; they may be changed for new 2007+ rules.  The
   UK may change to GMT+1/2.

   LFN : My Pascal programs rarely use Long File Names.
   However, when compiled in Delphi (or TMT?), they do.
   Batch files are written with DOS convention in mind.

   Programs liable to be used by students with homework
   are intentionally terse, to encourage thought.

   Using my programs in Windows after Windows 98 - e.g.
   ME, NT, 2000 or XP - should be generally OK.

   64-bit Windows is not supported in my Pascal.

   The compiler can generate general code, or code that
   is specific for a 286 or higher. Some EXEs therefore
   may not run on the oldest PC CPUs such as my PPC640.

   If you get: "Stub error (2002): can't find rtm.exe",
   it means I have inadvertently compiled for Protected
   mode and you will need rtm.exe and dpmi16bi.ovl. ZIP
   copies are listed below.

   I do believe that these programs are virus-free; but
   the responsibility of checking before you run any of
   them remains yours.

   Do not access these files with any regular automated
   process, because that wastes too much of the limited

   For accessing with later browsers, a right click may
   be preferable.

   WARNING 2006-10-25+ I cannot currently run Delphi 3.
   Some of these programs are for Windows 98 / EARLIER;
   not NT or XP or Vista.  They can only store directly
   to the environment in Win98 (ME?) or earlier.

   2008-01-12 : Delphi 3 loaded on another machine.
   2008-02-10 : Delphi 2006 loaded on this machine.

   Batch files, unless containing "OK XP", may not work
   in NT/XP; using " /c" may help.

 For the main index to my Web site, which contains general
 information on Pascal, Time, Y2k, and other subjects, see

 Reach more information on programs for use with Batch via

 More information about Pascal programs may perhaps be via

 Possible Run-time errors, as given by Help, are listed in

 For 32-bit EXEs of some programs, see via
32-bit/00index.htm .

   This index may not be complete --- see the directory
./ programs/ itself.

../zipfiles/xall.exe will unzip the ZIP files (try XALL /?);
 I believe, but can no longer verify, that it can be freely used.

datefile.txt is a probably-recent list of the files in the DOS
 master copy of the Web directory. Use it to see what is new.


baagoe.js    - Routines for
kiss2007.js  - Javascript Random

                         THE GENERAL LIST

 000-TEST.HTM - ?

00index.htm  - Auto-generated from
00index.txt  -   provided that I remember to run HTMLindx.

01-bugs.txt  - List of bugs found in these programs.

all-peas.bat - Check P tag balance in HTML; for TRY-AUX; uses MiniTrue

allround.pas - Test of rounding for all possible forms.

antidate.pas - Date routines by Vivisektion, and
antitest.pas -   my tests for them

arccot.pas   - ArcCot in two ways, the less obvious being better.

atom046c.pas - Demo: non-atomic read of $40:$6C is unsafe.
               See pas-time.htm.

attrtext.pas - Shows or sets text screen attribute byte - foreground and
attrtext.exe     background colours, blink/bright.     Cf. SCRNHUES.

back.pas     - Filter. Reverses the characters within each input line.

baseconv.pas - Demo, general base converter, 2..36, string to/from longint.
baseconv.exe - from 2002-01-22, also a Filter.

bat_date.pas - Date converter for Batch; redirect StdOut to file.
bat_date.exe - In: MJD, YYYY DDD, YYYY MM DD, D NN YYYY (NN is Week Number). - Out: file to set all in Environment.

big_mess.pas - Scans exported Mail/News + reports items of over (about)
big_mess.exe     the given number of lines.

bob.pas      - To show all DOS colours, blink/bright.
bob.exe      -  if parameter(1)[1] is odd, set bright; if even, set blink.

buckets.pas  - Pails 8 5 3, containing 8 0 0; pours for 4 ? CmdLin Paras.

buffon1.pas   - Buffon's Needle, briefly.  BP7/D3.
buffon2.pas     Better; autonomous Pi.

  BWUGRAPH.EXE - Win9x Delphi 3 GUI, to plot local copies of
bwugraph.txt     Demon Homepages BWUSAGE.TXT.
bwusage.txt      Also plots local COUNTS file, lines "Y M D N".
counts.txt       Sample.
../graphics/bwugraph.gif - screen-shot (false colour). - Source, with PAS RES DFM TXT DPR EXE. DCC32 the DPR.
               NOTE - EXE now in ZIP file.

cashtext.pas - Convert non-negative longint to English words, undertested.

catlines.pas - Merge files, line by line, with padding and gutter optional.
catlines.exe     e.g. to lines as:  File1,LineN     File2,LineN     N.B. Big change was uploaded late on 2002-12-23

cheklinx.pas - Web site local links tester, DOS / DOS-box.
cheklinx.exe     Beta-test.  BP7/D3.  ../BAD-PAGE.HTM is a test page.
                 EXE is BP7; D3 version, needing Win32, is for big sites.

                 Note : now accepts LFNs, even in BP.  Other minor tests.
                 GROW.PAS in this directory generates specific test data.
cheklinx.txt - Some info on fetching + use. See also in cheklinx.pas.
32-bit/cheklinx.exe - D3 32-bit version, Win32 console, more stack.

chk-tidy.bat - Runs W3's HTML-tidier in Check mode. See in www-use2.htm.

chk_text.pas - To recover plain text from CHKDSK's FILE####.CHK.

chk_xist.pas - File Exists, using GetFAttr.

clean-tp.pas - TP/BP Pascal Program Re-Indenter; can use as a Tool.

clokchek.pas - For AUTOEXEC.BAT, to detect Y2K flopback, CMOS battery failure

cmpr.pas     - Compare numeric parameters
cmpr.exe         CMPR P1 P2 ; result is line with < or = or > on std out.

cols.pas     - Filter, copying by columns.
cols.exe         Can add spaces, strings; can repeat, omit or shuffle columns,          include a count, etc.
32-bit/cols.exe - D3 32-bit version, Win32 console.

columns.pas  - Slightly like UNIX "columns" - pads whitespace
columns.exe      Dosprompt>COLUMNS InputFile [gutter] [> OutputFile]

copylink.bat - Adds Demon's Garbo mirror to copy of Turnpike LinkFile and shows.

countdwn.pas - Six numbers making another - Carol Vorderman "Countdown".

ctnu.pas     - Filter - strips final CRLF, adds its parameter, no final CRLF.

current.bat  - see TODAYCON.BAT

cvt_rome.pas - Longint <-> Roman Numerals, with tester : replaces WR-ROMAN.PAS.

datechek.bat - For AUTOEXEC.BAT, to detect Y2K rollover failure.

dateprox.pas - UNIT : Wide-range MJD <-> Y,M,D,DoW, etc : Years -32K..+32K,
                 Greg/Julian/Civil - various options (Astro, YYYY-DDD, ...).
                 See DAYS-OFF.DAT (optional). Tested by MJD_DATE.PAS
                 Compiled and partly tested in Delphi 3 - no problems.

daterate.pas - Tests DATEPROX for correctness and comparative speed.

dates.bat    - Generates DATEFILE.TXT

datetest.pas - Program to verify an assertion about DOS and the RTC.
datetest.out - Delphi source for testing DATEUTYS.PAS etc.
               Includes conversions between local times and GMT.

dateutys.pas - Delphi unit with correct fast ISO Week Number, CJD, CMJD
               etc.; supplement to DateUtils.

dateweek.pas - Date of Week from Gregorian Yr Mo Dy; Mon-Sun => 0..6

days-off.dat - Holiday data file for DATEPROX working-days.

de-ucode.bat - Simple UniCode to ASCII converter, for pages computed by
                 javascript and saved. Needs MiniTrue.

dealtest.pas - Test recursive v non-recursive random draw.

dedupe.pas   - Simple filter to remove duplicate lines, with count.
dedupe.exe       Any parameter now suppresses summary.       (MiniTrue can also do this; see its Help.)

 DEL_OVRG.DPR - Wider-range Delphi [En|De]CodeDate etc. tests.
                Now in DATEUTYS &amp; DATEUNIT.

del_timr.pas - Faster TP7/BP7 Sys.Delete (etc) procedures.

 DEL_WKNO.DPR - Try improved (over that in D7 DateUtils) routines for
                Delphi DateTime to ISO 8601 Week Number, and others.
                Now in DATEUTYS &amp; DATEUNIT.

delpdate.pas - Tests Delphi TDateTime around 1900 - note time behaviour.
delpdate.txt - Its output. Now has correcting functions.

delprand.pas - Shows how Randomize sets Randseed.  In D3, changes @ 55 ms!
               For serious work test over 2^32 cycles.
               Also has pure code, BP7 + D3, to emulate Borland Random([M]).

delta.pas    - Change screen character set, at #127.  Demo.

demime.pas   - For Mime Quoted-Printable bodies -
demime.exe   -   sort out those annoying "=3D", "=A3" and "=20".   -   Jan 2002 - improved; can skip headers?
               May become DEQPMIME.*

dirslist.pas - Delphi D3 "DCC32 -cc" version of LISTDIRS.PAS.

discreps.bat - Compare linked HTML subtree with disc, to find superfluous
                 files.  Uses CHEKLINX HUNT COLS DEDUPE MiniTrue.

distribs.pas - Generate an arbitrary random distribution, such as Gaussian.

divmodfn.pas - Demo of conversion of, e.g., Secs to Days hh:mm:ss.


dosclock.pas - DOS clock at $40:$6C as number to Std. Out.
dosclock.exe     18.2 Hz update, 54.9 ms ticks, about 2^16 per hour,     $1800B0 (1573040) ticks per standard 24-h day.

dosstamp.pas - Set arbitrary file date/time-stamp, including improper ones.
dosstamp.exe -  Was GL_SMITH.  Now also shows old stamp, safely.  Now can
                create 0-length files.

easter.bat   - XP Batch for Gregorian Easterm with test code using
                 known-good CScript JavaScript; all AD years.

eightbit.pas - To check a specified file for characters with the eighth
eightbit.exe     bit set.

ekko.pas     - Echoes the characters corresponding to its numeric parameters
ekko.exe         to Std Out; no terminating CRLF. Also echoes words, spacing;         Hex, Dec, Ctrl chars. First, copies waiting StdIn.

elev.pas     - ELEV P1 P2..Pn where P1 is path\file.ext will execute
elev.exe         P1 with parameters P2..Pn, returning P1's ErrorLEVel         on standard output.

enufdisc.pas - Find how much or if there is enough room left on a drive -
enufdisc.exe     ENUFDISC [[drive] Minimum]

envicalc.pas - RPN integer calculator for Environment variables; new Mar 2001.
envicalc.exe    Will be changing.  Now has loops, command line/file.
envicalc.txt    2001-08-01 - change < > to { } in commands.
easter.scr   - test script; e.g. prompt>ENVICALC 2001 @easter.scr

 ENVINDEX        - not released yet, 2003-10-04

env_incx.bat - Demo of LONGCALC acting on an environment variable.

eratost1.pas - The classical Sieve of Eratosthenes.  All D3 DCC32 compatible.
eratost2.pas   See pas-math.htm

estrpsak.pas - Compares Pesach (Passover) and Easter (G+J). Needs a list of
                 the dates of P in G as y m d dow.

fdelay.pas   - Crt RTE200 fix, by Osmo Ronkanen, taken from News:c.l.p.b

fexpand.pas  - "FEXPAND file" returns "set fexp=C:\....\FILE"
fexpand.exe    use as "FEXPAND file > $$.bat / $$ / del $$.bat"    to put normalised filename into environment

fexsplit.pas - Supersedes FEXPAND. Can put Drive, Directory, Name, Extension
fexsplit.exe     into the Environment, Short File Names. Can now read the     name from a file or pipe.

filecmpr.pas - Compare two non-wild files, do not report details, return
filecmpr.exe     one-line message and ErrorLevel.

filgen.pas   - Files Info : any/all in any/all layout. Also Drive Info.
filgen16.exe     16-bit; gets same info as HUNT    : A filter; std in/out.
filgen32.exe     32-bit; gets more info            : Can postprocess HUNT.
filgenzp.bat - to make FILGEN.ZIP

findanka.bat - Makes ANKALIST.HTM, a list of links to anchors found in
                 wildcard parameters.  Needs MiniTrue, see ..\pc-links.htm#MT.

floatval.pas - Replaces SIXBYTES, TENBYTES. Test for evaluators of types
                 Single Real{48} Double Extended, by arithmetic; and
                 for convertors to Real{48} by bit-shifting.

fpatan2.pas  - ATAN2(Y, X) using FPU.

fsincos.pas  - Both Sin and Cos with one FPU call, maybe TAN.

gawkweek.awk - Shows an ISO Week Number error in my copy of GAWK -
                 "Gnu Awk (gawk) 2.15, patchlevel 6"

grow.pas     - See CHEKLINX.

halt.pas     - HALT n returns ErrorLevel n : n = 0..255, $00..$FF.

hcfactor.pas - HCF (GCD) code, incl. fast Euclid - timing test.

hebclndr.pas - Hebrew Calendar, developing HYtoMJD and MJDtoHY routines, etc.
hebclndr.exe    Base HYtoMJD seem correct. Routines may move to DATEPROX.PAS.    Investigates numerical properties and relates to Easter.
hebpesak.dat    A data file, not in ZIP.

hexfloat.pas - Type Extended (IEEE; 10-byte) to/from Legible Hex
hexfloat.exe     as #F.FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF H#FFF     where each # is either + or -

hijrical.pas - Working on an Islamic Calendar - take care which it is.

hose.pas     - Simple filter, showing pipe to screen.
hose.exe         DIR | HOSE > file shows and files DIR output.         See also TEE.

htmlindx.pas - Converts this format *.TXT -> *.HTM.  See code.

hunt.pas     - Enhanced DIR : e.g. recursive, date-sensitive, ISO-date,
hunt.exe         attributes; can execute/operate on filenames found.
hunt.txt         Y2k OK.  Year 2044 Compliant from 1997-12-15.
                 See ../zipfiles/ for date testing; NOWMINUS.
                 2000-09-17: HUNT can now recurse deeper. Now multidrive.
                 An unsupported Windows Help file may be available via
                 Bob Bissinnar's     - Can be newer than at Garbo.

ieeebits.pas - BP7/D3.  Use as  IEEEBITS number
ieeebits.exe     Shows bit patterns of corresponding IEEE Single and Double

inch.pas     - As INCR, but for upper-case Hex; FileFFF -> File000

incr.pas     - Filter. Increments input line's trailing number, without
incr.exe         extending - File999 -> File000

int70at2.pas - Shows use of PC RTC as 1024Hz, etc., timer.

into.pas     - Filter. Copies input, replacing \1..\9 with parameter 1..9
into.exe         and \\ with \.

int_test.pas - Test time and date calls, MSDOS/BIOS, RTC.  Experimental.
int_test.exe -   Can show that C:>DATE affects RTC time, and TIME .. date.
                 Also does TD-related tests.
int_test.out - Sample RTC results on a 486/33.
int_test.txt - Notes.
int_test.log - Logged results.

invcos.pas   - Collected inverse trig methods, with test;
invcos.txt   -  its output.

iso-wkno.awk - Test of ISO week number routine in GAWK, not using strftime()

iso-wkno.bat - Test of ISO week number routine in WinXP CMD.EXE batch

jad_9514.pas - Number of ways to give change, recursive, can use cache.

jgb.pas      - MineSinker : a silly game; uses TP7/BP7, TV and OOP.

jjc_986.pas  - Winning program, PCW competition, Jun '98.

jrs_envu.pas - TP7/BP7 real-mode environment unit; DOS, Win9x, WinME?.
                 Not effective in WinNT (XP?)
 JRS_ENVU.TPU - TP7/BP7 TPU of environment unit, not now needed here.

jul_date.pas - UNIT : Test info ('Shadow') : Date, JD, DoW - for MJD_DATE etc.

keybuff.pas  - Pre-read DOS Key Pressed.  (Do I mean that?)

keycodes.pas - To determine what ReadKey returns when a key is pressed.

lagrange.pas - Solution of simple equations for L1 L2 L3 - see gravity3.htm
lagrange.exe     2005-04-28 : L2 for CofG case corrected.

leapyear.pas - Many ways to test the Gregorian Year for being Leap, compared.
                 Now TMT + D3 DCC32 compatible.  Needs VERSION.PAS.

leng.pas     - Filter. Outputs length of first line of input, <=255.

line.bat     - Runs TRIMENDS, LONGLINE on today's *.HTM files.

lineends.bat - MiniTrue script to regularise line endings for DOS.

linenmbr.pas - Filter to add line numbers to a text file,
linenmbr.exe     use as:  prompt LINENMBR < INFILE > OUTFILE .

line_cnt.pas - Filter returning line count as number
line_cnt.exe    and as errorlevel (255 for 255 and up).

listdirs.pas - Recursively list just directories, from ParamStr(1).  BP/TP.

longcalc.pas - Was LONGMULT, now vaster-integer RPN calculator.  Changing.
longcalc.exe     Includes test calculation and factorisation of F9; also
longcalc.txt     date arithmetic.  Bases 2..16.  D3 DCC32 -cc compatible.
                 Command-line editing and History (these not Delphi or TMT).
                 See VASTCALC for new (Feb 00) D3 GUI version.
                 Is a UNIT, unless compile-time PROGRAM is defined.
                 Files *.SCR here may be scripts for it :
eastdiff.scr       Tests assertion of 50 51 54 55 weeks between Easters
eastergr.scr       Example : longcalc 2002 2006 (eastergr.scr) SCR
factorit.scr       Factorise ToS
factrise.scr       ???
inst-set.scr       Instruction Set Addition - #wn
weeknumb.scr       ISO-8601 Week Number, commented
32-bit/longcalc.exe - D3 32-bit version, Win32 console.

longline.bat - MiniTrue script to locate lines over 78 characters.

 LONGMULT.PAS - withdrawn 1998-07-30 - use LONGCALC.

lottery.pas  - Lists Draw permutations.

massexec.pas - MASSEXEC prefixes ! postfixes
massexec.exe    executes "prefixes line postfixes" for every line in    Std In.  DIR *.bat /B /O:-d | MASSEXEc type
                types all *.bat in reverse chronological order.
              2001-11-30 : Don't use in Win9x (and up?); an OS bug
              drops occasional characters. OK in DOS 6.20.
              Use COLS >F.BAT instead. - Delphi source for testing MATHUTYS.PAS etc.

mathutys.pas - Delphi unit; supplement to Math.

miss.pas     - Filter. Reads a list of numbers, outputs those not there.
miss.exe         Parameters [[[Min [Max [FileName]]]

mjd_date.pas - Tests DATEPROX, can use JUL_DATE.  Now D3 DCC32-compatible.
mjd_date.exe     MJD_DATE now accepts parameters, MJD or YYYY MM DD. - Needs DATEPROX.PAS, VERSION.PAS to compile.
zip_mjdd.bat - To make MJD_DATE.ZIP.

mjd_test.pas - Convert YYYY/MM/DD to MJD (c20,c21).

mv.pas       - Like MOVE, written for DOS3.3; uses Rename;
mv.exe           needs 2 parameters.

nametype.pas - 16-bit program to classify file names as LFN or SFN.
nametype.exe     Note - tested in Win98, check carefully; read code.

newsstat.bat - Newsgroup posting frequency, rough analysis, needs MiniTrue.

nowminus.pas - To set ISO date/time string in Environment; e.g. for HUNT.
nowminus.exe    Date/time can be changed by Y M W D h m s; various formats,
nowminus.txt    including dec/hex, UK Tax, MJD, time_t, random.

nqyr.pas     - Ask a question, reply goes to Environment.
nqyr.exe         NQYR MYVAR what is the answer         = SET MYVAR=(the reply)

nullkill.pas - Remove small files from [sub-]tree, with query,
nullkill.exe -   use as: prompt NULLKILL TreeDirectory MinSafe .

numb.pas     - Filter. Passes only characters needed for numbers; default
numb.exe         [#0..#32, '0'..'9'], but also characters in its parameters.         Use "NUMB +-. 60 62" to allow signed non-integers and < >.

num_comp.pas - To compare number parameters, for batch; see STOW.
num_comp.exe    See also STR_COMP.

omit.pas     - Filter. Similar to SUBS, but omits specified characters.

outsider.pas - Largely unpublicised.

over.pas     - Filter. Reverse the line-order of a text file.
over.exe         Maximum file size is DOS heap-dependent, a few hundred kB.         Maximum line length is 255.

pack.pas     - Filter. Pack text into paragraphs, parameter gives width.
pack.exe         Lines without a printing first character are copied.         Maximum input line length 255.  Handles files, 2004-12-16.

pageindx.pas - Indexes linked HTML page headings, to an indented list page.
pageindx.exe     PAGEINDX wildcardfile > result.htm

paschal.pas  - Compute date of Easter Sunday, from Gregorian Year.  D3 OK.
             -   Now 8 Gregorian methods and 3 Julian/Dionysian.
                 Faster, 2001-11-12.  Traceable D3 method 2008-01-30.

 PASSOVER.PAS - Compare MJD of Jewish Calendar Passover with MJDs of
 PASSOVER.EXE     Julian and Gregorian Easter for a chosen range of
 PASSOVER.ZIP     Gregorian years.
 Withdrawn for fixing; imported algorithm unsound.
 Fixed; but still checking. Now part of HEBCLNDR.

pastri.pas   - Pascal Triangle (cache), Factorial, nCr.  DCC32 -cc OK.

path-fix.pas - Shows alteration of the environment of an ancestor program.

permute.pas  - Lists all permutations of a string.
permutes.pas - Lists all permutations of a parameter string.

pipetime.pas - Accepts possible DOS pipe file name, converts to clock time
pipetime.exe     and back.

playtune.pas - command-line/scripted note sequence to speaker.

powers.pas   - Routines for X^Y and X^N, with test - being changed?  D3 OK.

primenos.pas - Fast, simple, Sqrt-less Prime tester.

printext.pas - Delphi 3, console mode.  Non-spooled Win32 A4 print batcher.
printext.txt     e.g. dir /b | printext A5 C4 L1 S7 H-2
printext.exe       gives directory, A5, 4-col, landscape, 7-pt, Blue print     Can do 2A5, 4A6, ... on A4.  US paper OK?
                 Can be given filenames and scriptnames on command line.

queens_8.pas - Eight Queens problem, recursively.  92 solutions.  DCC32 OK.

rahpdate.pas - Some of Robert Prins' Dates code.

randcard.pas - Compares shuffles.

rdtsc.pas    - Demo of use of RDTSC timer instruction (Pentium + up) in TP.

readenvt.pas - Read Environment, Gen deep, and write result.
readenvt.exe     Usage : READENVT Gen EnvName     N.B. Uses Environ in JRS_EnvU.pas, see above.

remove^z.pas - Copy a file, replacing all occurrences of a specified
remove^z.exe     character, default ^Z, with NUL.

rept.pas     - REPT P1 P2..Pn executes the command P2..Pn, P1 times
rept.exe         For batch.

resignat.pas - Replace Signature/Footer of a Web page - use with HUNT.

roundemo.pas - tests Round for Pascal + Delphi. Product Help is wrong.

rt13.pas     - Filter, ROT-13.


rtc2osdt.pas - Copy date and time from RTC to DOS.
rtc2osdt.exe   Real Time Clock to O.S. Date + Time

sbtr.pas     - Filter : Write number1-Number2 to standard output; number
sbtr.exe         range is 32-bit signed integer.

scancode.pas - Discover keyboard scan-codes.

scrcatch.pas - Was: copy most of 80*25 colour screen page 0 to Std Output.
scrcatch.exe   Now: copy most of any text screen page to Std Output;     output is just text lines, trimmed.

scrnhues.pas - Set text foreground and background colours.
scrnhues.exe     Cf. ATTRTEXT.

sectoymd.pas - Std. In is file of seconds lines, e.g. 654,321,987.357
sectoymd.exe     Call as 'SECTOYMD Offset' where Offset is MJD for 0 secs.     Std. Out = Count Input Y M D H M S.s

seektext.pas - List on StdOut all lines in a given file, or StdIn,
seektext.exe     containing any of the other parameters.  Multi-word FIND.     Case-dependent,

series.pas   - Find consecutive integers summing to T.  D3 OK.

sequence.pas - Filter.  Replaces each occurrence of a string with an integer,
sequence.exe     which is incremented by a chosen signed amount each time.

setupcrt.pas - Small unit by BB, procedure for setting 50-line mode.

shower.pas   - Super-MORE; part-LIST. A DOS window suffices, otherwise
shower.exe       may need a DPMI server : RTM.EXE, DPMI16BI.OVL above.

showsnap.pas - Displays a set of TAKESNAP files.  Caution, Modes!

sixbytes.pas - SixToExt converts real{48} to Extended, by arithmetic.
                 To be withdrawn : use FLOATVAL.PAS

slow.pas     - Scrolls file or pipe controllably.  Serves as "cat".  @file.
slow.exe         Uses crt, but patched.

spirals.pas  - Demo of range of ATAN2.

sshtcols.pas - Generates spreadsheet column labels, A-Z AA-ZZ AAA-ZZZ ...

std_time.pas - To generate file to set current GMT + time_t + localMJD
std_time.exe     in the environment, readable by NOWMINUS.  Needs Win32.

stow.pas     - To write to a parent enviromnent, from Std In + parameters;
stow.exe     -  No use in Windows NT (nor XP?).     -  See also WOLD, if it exists.

str_comp.pas - To compare string parameters, for batch; see STOW.
str_comp.exe    See also NUM_COMP.

subs.pas     - Filter - to change specified characters to others.
subs.exe       Parameters as  47=92 'a='b ',=13 [AZ]+32 respectively         convert / to \, a to b, comma to CR, A..Z to a..z.

summate.pas  - On a problem posed in News, b.p.c,b.p.d.o, 2001-08-05

swart.pas    - Competition entry, TPM#8 - Find duplicate filenames on drive.
swart.exe        N.B. uses DPMI.

takesnap.pas - ScrollLock captures text screen to file, mode and all.     - No Help - small TED screen editor - useful on floppy     - With Help - big TED               | for emergency use     - Extended
                 These are TED.COM (c) Ziff et al - see inside.

tee.pas      - Simple filter, copying pipe to filename.
tee.exe          DIR | TEE file1 > file2  files DIR output twice.          See also HOSE.

tenbytes.pas - TenToExt evaluates Extended, by arithmetic.
                 To be withdrawn : use FLOATVAL.PAS

test_cls.pas - Demo of screen clearance, any size; do Move likewise.

textset.pas  - A unit from Pedt Scragg -
                 provides LastMode and TextMode for use without Crt unit.

todaycon.bat - To generate TODAY.PAS, for {$INCLUDE TODAY}; local format.
                 requires CURRENT.BAT as specified in TODAYCON.

togl.pas     - To flip Clipboard case in Windows (cAPS lOCK),
togl.exe     -   needs CLIPCAP, see TOGL.PAS.  Needs PIF?
toglclip.bat - Run from Icon - needs ../tz*/
toglclip.pif - WfWg 3.11     - just TOGL.*

trimends.bat - MiniTrue script to remove end-of-line spaces.

try.bat      - to run CHK-TIDY etc. on recent *.HTM; writes empty TRY.LOG.
                 uses TRY-AUX.BAT

try-aux.bat  - Auxil1ary to TRY.BAT

tz-check.pas - Delphi 3, Console Mode. Reads Time Zone + Summer Time info.
tz-check.dpr - Delphi 2006, ditto.
tz-check.exe -   shows GMT + C's time_t; includes other timing calls.

up$dates.bat - Produces HTML page UP$DATES.HTM.
                 listing dates of Web files in directory.

uncr.pas     - Filter.  Copies a line of its own input, less CRLF,
uncr.exe         plus its own parameters, then no CRLF.  For Batch use.         NO space between.

uncrs.pas    - Filter.  Copies a line of its own input, less CRLF,
uncrs.exe        plus its own parameters, then no CRLF.  For Batch use.        ADDS space between.

upcmdlin.pas - Upper-Case the whole Command Line - demo of PSP string.

useschek.pas - Helps locate circular "uses" references in TP/BP programs.
useschek.exe - Feb 00 - RPN GUI calculator - LONGCALC (adapted) + Delphi GUI.
                 ZIP holds EXE, and also enough? to rebuild EXE, using D3;
                 open it in an empty directory.  800*600.

version.pas  - $include file for some programs, sets compile time variables.
                 Used to conditionalise for Borland/TMT Pascal or Delphi.   - Perl script for weeknumber, by Robert Urban. Untested by JRS.

wr-roman.pas - Number-to-Roman function, with test.  See CVT_ROME instead.

zel_cmjd.pas - Pascal/Delphi, tests function ZelCMJD, Y M D to daycount.


ziponeup.bat - ZIP one program.
zippemup.bat - multiple ZIPONEUP.
zippitup.bat - BAT used to create ZIPEMALL.ZIP and ZIPPROGS.ZIP.

../          - The Merlyn HTML directory; or ???.
/            - The Merlyn Root directory; or ???.

    Let me know if I've forgotten to upload, remove or index any - JRS.

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