The 16th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium
September 17-19, 2014
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


You should upload your camera-ready paper online through JEMS:
The deadline is July 24, 2014.

For TECHNICAL and POSTER Session Papers

Information sheet for IEICE I-SCOVER is required.
Please follow the below steps to complete your CR submission.

Revise your manuscript based on reviewer's comments. Some reviewers are very specific in pointing out what can be improved in your paper. You should read those comments and revise your manuscript accordingly. When you make your camera-ready version, make sure that your paper does not exceed 6 double-column pages for Technical session papers and 4 double-column pages for Poster session papers in the above format. Poster session paper authors have to shorten their papers to 4 pages max.

You need to validate your PDF using http://www.pdf-express.org/ If you do not yet have an account with this service, you should create one (it is free). When asked for Conference ID, enter "33619XP" (without the quotes). Upload your camera-ready manuscript in one of many formats supported by the service and download your validated PDF when ready. IEEE eXpress can read the following formats:

  1. Microsoft Word, eXpress will convert it into the validated version of PDF.
  2. PS (postscript), eXpress will convert them without a problem.
  3. ZIP file containing DVI file plus EPS files for graphics, eXpress will render them and output PDF for you.

You can read instructions at IEEE eXplore for further detail and other formats.

If validation succeeded, you would receive the validated PDF file which labeled as ‘Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress’ in document properties.

Step 3: UPLOAD
When you succeed in validating your manuscript, you can start uploading your files. You need to upload the following 3 files:

  1. Validated PDF file of your camera-ready manuscript, upload under "Paper Manuscript" on JEMS paper for your paper. You need confirm the PDF file has document properties which labeled as ‘Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress at date time stamp’.
  2. COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AGREEMENT. You can download DOC or PDF version from APNOMS2014 page. You need to fill it out and sign it. Electronic signatures are not allowed, so you probably need to sign and scan it to make the final PDF. Upload this PDF under "IEICE Copyright Agreement" on JEMS.
  3. Information sheet for IEICE I-SCOVER. You can download CSV version from APNOMS2014 page. You need type or copy/paste the title, file name of article body, abstract and keywords of your manuscript into the sheet. Upload CSV under "I-SCOVER Information sheet" on JEMS.

Upload deadline is July 24, 2014.

Upload using https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/apnoms2014

For INNOVATION Session Papers

Authors should format their manuscript as slide-and-notes presentations. Each page of the manuscript should be split into upper and lower halves, upper half given to a presentation slide and lower half to textual description of the slide. A PPT SAMPLE can be downloaded from APNOMS 2014 homepage (Submission Guideline) and can be used as example. Remember that PPT files have to be converted to PDF before uploading them on JEMS.

Some paper submitted their paper to the technical session with a technical paper format, which is compliant with IEEE conference proceeding. However they are accepted as an Innovation session paper. If your paper is in this case, you have to convert your paper format from IEEE conference format to the above slide-and-notes presentation format. I am sorry for asking your special attention in format conversion.

You may want to revise the content of your manuscript based on reviewers’ comments. Use the same format for upload. Upload as PDF file using JEMS.

Innovation papers are not published in I-Scover or IEEE Xplore but published in APNOMS 2014 electronic proceeding and use a simpler format. Authors retain copyright to their papers IEEE Copyright Agreement should not be submitted.

Authors are requested to submit PDF documents in a special format (should have a visual in the upper half of a page and the explanatory text in the lower half, and must not exceed 20 annotated visuals including title and references).

Upload deadline is July 24, 2014.

Upload using https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/apnoms2014

If any question with regard to Camera-Ready, please email the following contacts.

Dr. Hiroyuki Kubo hiroyuki.kubo.do@hitachi.com

Dr. Ruei-Hau Hsu rhhsu@nctu.edu.tw