WIRE1x is an open source implementation of IEEE 802.1x/802.11i client (supplicant). The first version was released on June 18, 2003. It supports various EAP authentication methods and encryption techniques. WIRE1x has been practically used on the campus WLANs of National Tsing Hua University, and the Taiwan Academic Network Roaming Center. It has been practically used in the real word to secure WLAN environments. WIRE1x was one of the most important implementations of IEEE 802.1x/802.11i supplicant. It has had a widespread impact. The followings are some sources which quote WIRE1x.

Note: This is not a complete list. Only part of those written in English are listed. WIRE1x has also appeared in many websites and documents written in Chinese, France, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, etc.

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  • freeradius
  • EAP mailing list
  • network.wireless.open1x.xsupplicant.general

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