Supervised Students

Students received their degrees under my supervision:


  1. Chia-Wei Chang, Thesis: UM Paging: Unified Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Paging with Optimal DRX Cycle, Sept. 2016
  2. Ping-Fan Ho, Thesis: Wireless Vehicle Safety Technologies, May 2016
  3. Hung-Hsiang Wang, Thesis: Design and Analysis of Railway Communication System: Train-to-Ground, In-Train and In-Station Communications, May 2015 (co-advised with Wen-Rong Wu)
  4. Jeng-Feng Weng, Thesis: Multicast and Cooperative Relay in Next-Generation Wireless Networks, Jan. 2012
  5. Kai-Hsiu Chen, Thesis: Performance Analysis of Resource Reservation and Preemption in Next-Gerneration Wireless Communication Networks, Jan. 2012
  6. Jui-Chi Liang, Thesis: Fair Scheduling in Next-Generation Wireless Communication Networks, June 2011
  7. Tuan-Che Chen, Thesis: Energy Efficiency in IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs and Multihop Wireless Networks, June 2010
  8. Zong-Hua Liu, Thesis: SIP-based Mobile VPN and Mobility Management in WiMAX Networks, June 2010
  9. Kai-Wen Cheng, Thesis: Studies of Mobile Multicast in Relay Networks, June 2010
  10. Jui-Hung Yeh, Thesis: Mobility Management and Energy Efficiency for Next-Generation All-IP Wireless Networks, June 2008


  1. Jhe-Hong Lin, Thesis: Implementation of NAS Module inside MME for Future 5G Core Network, 2016
  2. Ce Chen, Thesis: An Enhanced EAB Design for Machine-Type Communications in LTE, 2016 (co-advised with Chien-Chao Tseng)
  3. Yu-Chun Tan, Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Location-Based Mobile Social Program, 2016
  4. Zheng-Wei Yu, Thesis: Simulation Study of Dynamic Auto Scaling Algorithm (DASA) for 5G Networks, 2016
  5. Shang-Chun Ou, Thesis: A Crowd-Sourcing Platform for Data Measurement and Collection in Cellular Networks, 2016
  6. Wei-Han Chen, Thesis: Design and Analysis of Optimal Threshold Offloading Algorithm for LTE Femtocell/Macrocell Networks, 2016
  7. Dan-Chen Wu, Thesis: Wireless Signal Measurements and Prediction in High-Speed Environment, 2016
  8. Chang-Li Liao, Thesis: Design and Implementation of an SDN-based Offloading Mechanism across Heterogeneous Networks, 2015
  9. Wei-Chen Sim, Thesis: SDN-Based Load Balancing System for High-Speed Rail Environment, 2015
  10. Ming-Chao Hsu, Thesis: SDN-based Heterogeneous Network Offloading Mechanism and Implementation, 2015
  11. Chun-Yu Yeh, Thesis: D2D Offloading: New Methods and Implementation Based on SDN and Wi-Fi Direct, 2015
  12. Chih-Wei Tung, Thesis: A Proportional and Preemption-enabled Offloading Scheme for IP Flow Mobility, 2015
  13. Jui-Chih Chin, Thesis: A New Handover Failure Problem Caused by S1 Interface Supported Mobility in e-MBMS, 2014
  14. Pei-Chia Hsu, Thesis: Real-time Signal Strength Prediction and Load Balance Algorithm in High-Speed Environment, 2014
  15. Chun Chien, Thesis: A Fast Check-in System for Social Network, 2014
  16. Wei-Cheng Li, Thesis: Minimizing Resource Consumption in Idle Mode for Machine-Type Communications, 2014
  17. Yu-Hsing Yang, Thesis: LTE to UMTS Handover Delay Reduction by Predicting the Cell Residency Time, 2014 (co-advised with Yingrong Coral Sung)
  18. Chen-Jung Cheng, Thesis: EAP-NEW: Fast Authentication for Wi-Fi Access, 2014
  19. Kuo-Chen Huang, Thesis: Utilizing Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications for Resource and Neighbor Discovery, 2013
  20. Zi-Ning Liu, Thesis: Resource Allocation in Central-Controlled Device-to-Device Communications Networks, 2013
  21. Wei-Lun Shi, Thesis: Network Coding and Compression in Wireless Networks, 2013
  22. Tsung-Han Chiang, Thesis: Performance Analysis of Resource Reservation in LTE Direct Communications, 2012
  23. Ming-Hong Tsai, Thesis: Reducing MME overload for M2M services in LTE networks, 2012
  24. Han-Hsing Chiu, Thesis: Supporting End-to-End QoS in IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networks by MDAOP-aware Routing Protocol, 2009
  25. Yi-Ken Ho, Thesis: Design and Implementation of WIRE1x Vista, 2009
  26. Shih-Chieh Liao, Thesis: Efficient Keep-Alive Mechanism in Mobile Ad-hoc Generic Access Network (GAN), 2009
  27. Jian-Liang Lin, Thesis: Scheduling Multicast Traffic over IEEE 802.16j MMR Networks, 2009
  28. Guan-Li Peng, Thesis: Proportional-fair Scheduling for Cooperative OFDMA Relay Networks, 2009
  29. Cheng-Kuan Hsieh, Thesis: Cooperative Communications with Adaptive Partner Selection Algorithm in IEEE 802.16j Multihop Relay Networks, 2008
  30. Jui-Yi Chen, Thesis: Interference Avoidance in Cooperative Networks by Grouping and Scheduling, 2008
  31. Siao-Ting Wang, Thesis: SIP-Based Mobile VPN over Network Mobility (NEMO), 2007
  32. Ying-Shin Chen, Thesis: A Partner Choosing Algorithm in Polling-based Cooperative Networks, 2007
  33. Ya-Mei Lee, Thesis: A Scalable Algorithm to Combine Multiple Chord Rings for Service Discovery, 2007
  34. Wei-Cheng Lin, Thesis: A Secure Post-Authentication with Provisional Data Channel, 2007
  35. Shin-Ying Pan, Thesis: Predictive Relocation Algorithms for CSN Anchored Mobility Management in WiMAX Networks, 2007
  36. Ying-Yu Chen, Thesis: An Efficient Energy Saving Mechanism for IEEE 802.16e Wireless MANs, 2007
  37. Shao-Hsiu Hung, Thesis: Design and Implementation of Secure Reconfigurable Architecture and Mobility Platform (sRAMP), 2005
  38. Ching-Yuan Yu, Thesis: Performance Analysis of Intersystem Roaming in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, 2005
  39. Fu-Cheng Chen, Thesis: Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Architecture and Mobility Platform (RAMP), 2005
  40. Meng-Hui Ou, Thesis: Integration of Fast Intra-Network and Cross-layer Handoff (FINCH) with Ad Hoc Networks, 2005
  41. Zong-Hua Liu, Thesis: IP Header Compression and Pre-authentication in Integrated 3GPP/WLAN Systems, 2004
  42. Kai-Hsiu Chen, Energy Conservation in 3GPP/WLAN Integrated Networks, 2004
  43. Wei-Huai Hung, Thesis: Intersystem Roaming in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, 2004
  44. I-Wen Lan, Thesis: Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 PCF scheduling and IEEE 802.11e EDCA, 2004
  45. Li-Wei Lin, Thesis: Performance Analyses of SIP-based Mobile VPN, 2004
  46. Ron Xiang, Thesis: Efficient Utilization of Network Resources in Wireless LANs, 2004
  47. Yi-Wen Liu, Thesis: Dynamic External Home Agent Assignment in Mobile VPN, 2003
  48. Wei-Ming Chen, Thesis: Performance Analysis of a Mobility Gateway for GPRS-WLAN Integration, 2003
  49. Yu-Ping Wang, Thesis: Design and Implementation of WIRE1x, 2003
  50. Shun-Chao Huang, Thesis: SIP-Based Mobility VPN, 2003
  51. Wen-Ting Wu, Thesis: Design and Implementation of WIRE Diameter, 2003
  52. Hong-Wei Lin, Thesis: A Gateway Approach for Mobility Integration of GPRS and Wireless LANs, 2002
  53. Ching-Yang Huang, Thesis: Integration of NAT and Mobile IP, 2002
  54. Lian-Dong Liu, Thesis: Anycast Based Architecture for Identity Hiding and Location Privacy in Mobile Internet, 2002
  55. Ming-Chia Jiang, Thesis: WLAN-Centric Authentication in Integrated GPRS-WLAN Networks, 2002
  56. Chia-Feng Kang, Thesis: Effect of UMTS QoS Architecture for Power Management: A simulation Study, 2002
  57. Chi-Chen Lee, Thesis: The impact of energy saving on WCDMA and cdma2000, 2002

Visiting Students

National Chiao Tung University:

  1. Chengcheng Xu, Fudan University, China, Spring 2013

National Tsing Hua University:

  1. Chunyan Zhang, Lanzhou University, China, July 19 to Aug. 26, 2004
  2. Alexis Clay, Universite de Nantes, France, Feb. 1 to June 30, 2004
  3. Gerrit Einhoff, RWTH Aachen, Germany, Aug. 15 to Sept. 30, 2002

Summer Interns

Telcordia Technologies:

  1. Venkatesh Sarangan, Ph.D. Student, Penn State University, 2001
  2. Armando L. Caro Jr., Ph.D. Student, University of Delaware, 2000
  3. Vlasios Tsiatsis, M.S./Ph.D. Student, University of California at Los Angeles, 1999