Thank you for your interest in our laboratory.
Our laboratory has been closed due to the retirement of Prof. Fuchun Joseph Lin.
We were previously located in Microelecctronics and Information Systems Research Center (MIRC) of
National Chiao Tung University in Rooms 721-723.
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We envisage a connected world where all things that can be connected will be provided with connectivity to the Internet. This is a new world expanding beyond human-to-human (H2H) communications and allowing machine-to-machine, machine-to-mobile and man-to-machine (M2M) communications. By this wide expansion of Internet connectivity via machines, the quality of human life can be greatly improved with increasing level of convenience and safety and with new methods of cost and time saving.
Lately, we focus in applying 5G networks, Fog Computing and AI to support M2M communications and IoT applications. In particular, we address research issues in Tackling IoT Scalability with 5G NFV-enabled Network Slicing, NFV-Enabled Hybrid Scalability for IoT Slice, Evaluating Dedicated Slices of Different Configurations in 5G Core, Enabling IoT/M2M System Scalability with Fog Computing and Distributed Artificial Intelligence enabled by Fog Networking.

曾智隆 Chih-Lung (Jimmy) Tseng (PhD Student)
PhD Program in College of Computer Science 資訊學院博士班
Thesis Topic: N/A
Mediatek 聯發科 (Hsinchu)

Jean Jimmy Julien 吉米(PhD Student)
EECS International Graduate Program 電機資訊國際博士學位學程
Thesis Topic: Real time Charging in SDN/NFV
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The uniqueness of CWT Laboratory lies in enabling each MS student to publish at least a paper and each PhD student at least three papers in international conferences/journals.
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