Data Structures and Object-oriented Programming (資料結構與物件導向程式設計)

General information

Instructor name: 黃世強 (Sai-Keung Wong)

Office: Room 527

Email: or

#ext. 56626


Teaching Assistants:

Name <Email>


Office hour


電資大樓 707


Past Assignment Template Package

Visual Studio Package 2010 (Need vc100)

Open SOGLFramework.sln in .NET

Build in the release mode.

The built binary program: ./bin/Release/myFirstSystem.exe

Demo program: ./bin/Release/00hw01_demo.exe





C++ Basics

C++ Functions and Scopes

Pointers and References

Classes and Objects

Data Sharing and Member Functions

Operator Overloading


Polymorphism and Virtual Functions

Streams and File I/O

Template and STL


Data structures: stack, queue, tree, graph, map,



last update: 11th June. 2021