GamingAnywhere: The First Open Source Cloud Gaming System


We present the first open source cloud gaming system, called GamingAnywhere. In addition to its openness, we design GamingAnywhere for high extensibility, portability, and reconfigurability. We implement GamingAnywhere on Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android. We conduct extensive experiments to evaluate the performance of GamingAnywhere. Our experimental results indicate that GamingAnywhere is efficient, scalable, adaptable to network conditions, and achieves high responsiveness and streaming quality. GamingAnywhere can be employed by the researchers, game developers, service providers, and end users for setting up cloud gaming testbeds, which, we believe, will stimulate more research innovations on cloud gaming systems and applications.


Chun-Ying Huang, Kuan-Ta Chen, De-Yu Chen, Hwai-Jung Hsu, and Cheng-Hsin Hsu, "GamingAnywhere: The First Open Source Cloud Gaming System," ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications, to appear.


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